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Health preservation in spring

According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine one should always be aware of the inseparable link between man and nature, so aiming health preservation one should make sure that all mental and physical activities are in harmony with nature and they follow the changes of seasons as well.

„A wise man surely conforms himself to the changes of the four seasons, adapts himself to the cold of winter and heat of summer, tries to balance joy and anger and lives a moderate, regular life…” as it is suggested in Ling Shu, an ancient traditional Chinese medical book.

Spring is the season of beginning and genesis, everything starts to grow and develop, nature brings new lives to earth. People’s emotions and feelings are more active, so one should be conscious about keeping a balanced emotional state, trying to avoid anger to help the functions of the liver which is linked to spring and responsible for harmonizing emotions.

To follow the seasonal rhythms it is good to start getting active in spring time. When the weather is good, go outside and enjoy sunshine and fresh air! This time of the year outdoor sports can help to improve mood and activate our body after the long gloomy winter!

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