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B.Sc. M.Sc.c.

Dr. Oravecz Mark


B.Sc. M.A. Ph.D.c. 

TCM practitioner
Registered Acupuncturist & Herbalist

I am a qualified Acupuncturist and Herbalist practicing in Budapest, Hungary.
I use authentic Chinese acupuncture, herbal therapy and medical massage as I learned them in China, where I lived and studied for years.
My treatments adhere to the original principles of Chinese medicine. I strive for the utmost individualization of treatments in order to get to the core of the condition treated and provide personalised, effective and safe therapy.
I also make a point of evaluating my patients according to modern biomedicine. I am experienced in setting up treatment plans to complement mainstream therapies and medications.
A responsible evaluation of your condition is very important to me. I will always inform you exactly how the methods of Chinese medicine can help you and if any other tests or treatments may be necessary.

My acupuncture
Being skilled in a wide range of acupuncture techniques, I always choose the ones best fitting your individual condition. I am familiar with many painless needling techniques and special manipulations.
I use acupuncture for much more than just pain relief.
Having studied the original Chinese classics, I am aware of a number of methods for regulating bodily functions. I have found acupuncture to be useful for neurological problems, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and poor circulation.
I have been particularly successful at improving sleep with special scalp acupuncture techniques I learned in China.
Using acupuncture in the early phase of stroke rehabilitation is another area where I have achieved good results.

My herbal prescriptions
Having literally spent years sitting next to acclaimed doctors in China and studying their herbal prescriptions, I can say I have some insight into the delicate art of prescribing individually tailored herbal prescriptions.
I am experienced in using Chinese herbs and acupuncture for women’s health issues including fertility assistance and preventing miscarriages. These are among my main interests and I always enjoy making a contribution to the great joy that comes from giving birth to a new life.
The possibilities of using herbal medicine to complement mainstream therapies in problematic and complicated conditions have always fascinated me.
I have devoted considerable amount of study to the applications of herbal therapy in the prevention and treatment of the complications of diabetes (problems with eyesight, the skin, the kidneys or circulation), the regulation of high fat levels of the blood (hyperlipidaemia) and slowing down the progression of chronic kidney disease.
In China, herbal medicine is used together with modern medications in order to increase the quality of life under even such debilitating conditions. Why shouldn’t we use it?

My professional development
I have been involved in Chinese medicine since the year 2000.
My studies in Chinese health exercises and martial arts led me to discover the wonders of Chinese medicine when I became a student and assistant of Professor Yu Funian, the president of the Hungarian TCM Association.
After a few years of preparatory studies in classical Chinese and modern Mandarin, I enrolled in the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China, where I received my Bachelor of Medicine degree in 2009 after five years of full-time university study.
After graduation I proceeded to work in Budapest as an acupuncturist and herbalist in the clinic of my teacher and mentor, Professor Yu, the very same place where I had started my journey of learning.
In 2010 I started my post-graduate studies at the Doctoral School of Semmelweis University. I’m currently writing my dissertation as a Ph.D. candidate. My research is focused on the possibilities of introducing the Chinese model of TCM education to the classrooms of the West.
The reason for my choice of research topic is simple: Chinese medicine tends to be misunderstood in the Western world by many people, including a number of practitioners and health-care professionals. If only people would have a better understanding of Chinese medicine as it’s used in China, more people could enjoy its immense benefits.

My work as a health exercise and martial arts instructor
Chinese health exercises and martial arts are not only my hobby, they are also an important part of my medical work. They are tools for preserving or regaining health, and as such are just as important as any treatment.
I teach the ba duan jin exercise of Chinese chi kung, the yang-style simplified tai chi and the martial art of ba gua zhang as taught by Master Lei Maofa.
I welcome all ages to my classes, including those who want to learn effective tools for staying healthy and those who seek in-depth study of traditional Chinese martial arts.
I have been practicing Chinese health exercises and martial arts since the year 2000. I studied tai ji quan and ba gua zhang with Professor Yu Funian in Budapest. I learned ba gua zhang from Master Lei Maofa in Harbin.

Horvath Ildiko



TCM practitioner
Registered Acupuncturist

I am a fully licensed and qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner with a special interest in neurological & musculoskeletal disorders, health preservation and women's health. 

​I have been practising since 2009 and have worked with a lot of musculoskeletal and various neurological problems (spinal and disc disorders, sciatica, pins and needles, joint and muscle pains, headaches and migraines, post-operative pain etc.) joining a multidisciplinary team at an orthopaedic clinic. I experienced that my authentic Chinese education not only allows me to reduce pain and relieve symptoms but to treat the root of the problems to help patients stay symptom-free.

I also have detailed knowledge about the aetiology, pathology and patterns of numerous gynaecological problems, so I have been performing acupuncture for PMS, infertility, menstrual problems, morning sickness etc. with great efficacy.

Having spent 6 month in a Chinese hospital under the supervision of knowledgeable traditional Chinese medicine doctors I have the skill to use various painless needle insertion techniques and manipulations. I had the chance to study and practise at a very busy massage department and an acclaimed professor's walk in clinic who was specialised in neurological diseases. These valuable experiences allow me to use proper pattern identification in order to build the most suitable and effective individualized treatment plans for everyone.


Traditional Chinese medicine always puts a great emphasis on health preservation. When a problem occurs it is more difficult to treat it than preventing it previously by paying proper attention to it. This is especially important nowadays when everybody lacks the time for proper diet, exercise and rest. I am always more than happy to give advice on health preservation if someone is interested in the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine: how to live a long, healthy and happy life.



I was born in Hungary in 1974. I received my first B.Sc. degree in biology and physical education at ELTE University, Budapest in 1999.

I was already interested in Asian culture and ancient knowledge when I had the chance to join a Tai ji group in 2002. I started practising Tai ji under the supervision of Prof. Dr Yu Funian. He is a Traditional Chinese doctor who has been working in Hungary for over 20 years now.

His influence on my way of thinking, lifestyle and educational orientation was huge. In 2004 I started studying Traditional Chinese medicine and the following year working in his clinic as an assistant. It was a great opportunity for me to observe Chinese doctors during clinical work and it helped my studies a lot for I could see theory working in practise from the very beginning of my studies.

I spent the last 6 months of my B.Sc. studies in Harbin, China, where I had the rare opportunity to observe and practise Chinese medicine under the supervision of great knowledgeable Chinese professors.

I graduated in 2009 and as soon as I arrived back to Hungary, I started practising as an acupuncturist. I spent a year at a private orthopaedic clinic treating various musculoskeletal and neurological problems. My patients were pleased to learn what a wide range of conditions can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine and some of them were eager to learn about the health preservation principals of TCM to improve the quality of their lives.

In 2011 I started my private practice in Budapest and my clinical experience grew further. I felt the urge to continue my studies, so I joined the 3rd year of an M.Sc. acupuncture course at the Northern College of Acupuncture, in York​ in 2010. I finished my M.Sc dissertation in 2013.

In my free-time I enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports, especially horse-riding. When the weather is not suitable for that I try to improve my basic Chinese language skills for reading medical classics.

Chinese painting
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